Sweet & Green Gourmet Oreo Berliner Donut

Sweet & Green Gourmet Oreo Berliner Donut

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Indulge in the delightful fusion of classic flavours in our 'Oreo Berliner. Plant Based.' An absolute treat for any sweet tooth, this decadent delight combines the rich, chocolatey goodness of Oreo cookies with the perfection of traditional Berliner doughnuts. Lovingly crafted with a 100% plant-based recipe for our eco-conscious consumers, this product promises indulgence without guilt. Grab one for yourself or share the joy with your loved ones, the Oreo Berliner. Plant Based adds a perfect touch of sweetness to any moment. Remember, this isn't just a treat; it's kindness to our planet – wrapped in delectable temptation, one bite at a time. Note: An exciting treat with Aussie favourite flavours for you to enjoy!


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Manufacturer: Sweet & Green
Shelf Life: 2 days once defrosted
Box Size: 4

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