Sweet & Green Gourmet Custard Berliner Donut

Sweet & Green Gourmet Custard Berliner Donut

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'Berliner Custard Filled. Plant Based.' is a delightful indulgence for those who care about what goes in their body. This decadent Berliner doughnut is generously filled with a lusciously creamy custard that is 100% plant-based. Perfectly sweet, creamy, and with a soft, melt-in-your-mouth doughnut exterior, this dessert doesn't compromise on taste despite its health-conscious ingredients. Our products are proudly reflecting our commitment to sustainability and a healthier lifestyle while satisfying your sweet tooth. Enjoy this German classic reimagined, guilt-free!


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Manufacturer: Sweet & Green
Shelf Life: 2 days once defrosted
Box Size: 4

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