Sweet & Green Gourmet Blueberry Berliner Donut

Sweet & Green Gourmet Blueberry Berliner Donut

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Delight in our Blueberry Donut Ball, a delectable fusion of sweet and tangy notes. This indulgent treat, crafted with luscious blueberries, is baked to golden perfection to create a delightful crunch on the outside, while maintaining a moist and fluffy interior. The best part? It's completely plant-based! Our Blueberry Donut Ball is a delicious guilt-free pleasure perfect for anyone seeking a taste sensation with a healthier twist. Taste the vibrant blueberry flavours in every bite, it's a pure treat for your taste buds.


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Manufacturer: Sweet & Green
Shelf Life: 2 days once defrosted
Box Size: 4

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