OMG Barista Oat Milk 8 x 1L

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 8 x 1L OMG Barista Oat Milk

A creamy, barista-friendly, Australian-made and owned oat m!lk using NO industrial seed oils. 

It may surprise you that plenty (if not most) plant-based m!lks contain industrial seed oils like canola, rapeseed or sunflower oil. It helps them taste, well, more m!lky, and create the creamy texture we love in our coffee.

But we’re on a mission to make a plant-based m!lk that does the right thing by you, your coffee, and the environment. So we’ve proudly embraced Aussie olive oil in our oat m!lk, as an industrial seed oil alternative. After all, everything we do is for the sake of goodness.


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Manufacturer: OMG
Shelf Life: See packaging
Size: 1 Litre
Box Size: 8

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