Cha-i Gluten Free & Vegan Masala Chai 2 KG

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The Masala Chai is the perfect balance of sweet and spice in a cup and feels just like a warm hug. 

Getting to know your Masala Chai..

It is a wet natural tea that is loose leaf and authentic and can be served as chai treat and/or chai latte. It has no nasties or fillers, it is easy to make at a cafe and is perfect hot or cold. There are 2 components to this drink - the Masala Chai and the Chai Sprinkle

The Masala Chai is locally crafted and is Gluten Free, Nut Free & Vegan

Click here to watch how easy it is to make the Masala Chai 



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Manufacturer: Cha-i
Shelf Life: See packaging for details
Size: 2kg
Box Size: 1

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