Bonsoy Milk 1L x 6

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Begin your day with Bonsoy, hot or cold, on cereals or with your favourite fruits and berries for a taste treat. Enjoy Bonsoy chilled, straight from the pack or warmed. Bonsoy also makes shakes and smoothies taste terrific. Bonsoy is versatile ingredient for all of your standard recipes. Simply substitute it cup for cup, for water or dairy milk. Perfect for baking, or used in soups, sauces and salad dressings. For the perfect soy latte or chai latte try 'Bonsoy' the soymilk recommended by leading baristas.

Contains Allergen

Soy or Soya


Spiral Foods A Natural Bonsoy Delicious Blend Trademark Flavour Soy Milk Net 1 Litre Created by Japanese Soy masters using recipes perfected over many centuries, Bonsoy is created by hulling and splitting a variety of whole soybeans. The beans are cooked and finely Ground with purified hot water. This process gives Bonsoy its unique mellow flavour. Our special variety of whole soybeans are ideal for people wishing to add soy to their daily diet. Bonsoy is a great milk alternative and is perfect for cooking and baking. Bonsoy is creamy, delicious and is a healthy satisfying everyday food delivering an excellent source of vegetable protein. No artificial additives, no preservatives. The Original and the BEST.


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Manufacturer: Bonsoy
Shelf Life: See packaging
Size: 1 Litre
Box Size: 6

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