Sweet By Nature Gluten Free Mixed Macarons

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Yummy Gluten Free   French style macarons are a taste of heaven. Two almond meringue based biscuits, each with a thin shell exterior and a delicate, almost chewy centre, sandwiched together with cream exotic fillings. The macaron is a tiny little indulgence that bursts with flavour and texture.

Our Mixed Macaron Moments pack is a sampler of 30 macarons to add colour to your cabinet! Five each of our macaron flavours to keep everyone happy.
Raspberries & Cream
Salted Caramel
Hubba Hubba
Choc Bounty
Nutella Forever
Vanilla Dream 

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Manufacturer: Sweet By Nature
Shelf Life: 5 days once defrosted
Size: 50mm round
Box Size: 30

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